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Dear OPals,

First of all we want to thank you from "as deep as we go" for your loving support of October Project. Individually and collectively, you have come to feel like a family to us and we believe that any measure of success we have had as a band is attributable to you - our exceptional, wonderful fans.

Unfortunately, at least some of the rumors you have been hearing are true. SONY has dropped October Project from the Epic label and the members of OP have decided not to continue as a group at this time.

We know that you will understand how emotional and difficult this transition period and these decisions have been for us and we appreciate how patient you have been in the face of our struggling to find out where we are. During the challenging time of promoting the second album, you made it all seem more than worthwhile.

We want you to know we feel very attached to you - those of you we have come to know individually and all of you who have participated in this group. Please know that you have made the experience of October Project an unforgettably magical and significant time in our lives. We hope we will encounter you again soon as we move on to other projects.

We would also like to extend our most special thanks to Ron Schulz, who has made so much possible and who we believe is an angel on earth.

Thank you for "all that you are." We hope to see you again soon.


October Project

PS If you need to you will still be able to reach us at our various addresses