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October Project

Falling Farther In

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NEW INFO After a long silence, new information is available for fans of October Project.  On Tuesday June 22, 1999, Marina and friends performed in NYC.  More info and pictures to come in the next few day. NEW INFO

October is a month on the point of balance between life and death. The sky is never so blue and clear, and the woods never smell so sweet, but summer is gone. It's the last precious bloom of life before winter settles down over the land. October is also the time when the walls between the worlds fade to their thinnest, and magic can easily wake out of your dreams and into the world.

Like the month for which they are named, October Project's music is both sensual and spiritual, both light and dark, exuberant and haunted. Hearing singer Mary Fahl perform live, backed by the full touring band, is a visceral experience: she has a rich, deep voice that can rise from a hushed, intense whisper to a powerful tidal roar. With and audience following that destroys stereotypes, and October Project show is enrapturing - sometimes people dance, but just as often stand there swaying with the beat, entranced. Chances are you won't be the only person singing the words along with the band either

taken from Sites & Sounds Vol. 6, Issue 17 - April 4th, 1996

NEW INFO On Tuesday June 24, 1999, Mary Fahl performed performed at The Bitter End in New York.  She is scheduled to perform again at the Bottom Line in New York on July 15, 1999.  For more info, check out the concert page. NEW INFO


October Project finished their second nationwide tour, which followed the release of their second album, entitled Falling Farther In. Their first album, October Project, sold more than 200,000 copies, thanks to a year of touring, both headlining as well as opening for Crash Test Dummies and Sarah McLachlan. Unfortunately, during July 1996, the band decided to pursue other interests. While they no longer are working together, we can hope to see their talent enrich whatever projects they choose to pursue.
"Having seen October Project in concert was absolutely incredible. Their awesome stage presence and haunting melodies combine to create music unlike any other."

-- Jake

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A personal note

I just wanted to place a note of thanks in here to the former members of October Project.  After having seen all of you in the recent past, I simply wanted to thank you for performing again.  You are all incredibly talented people and we, your fans, thank you for devoting your time and energy to the making of beautiful music.  Our lives are enriched because of you.   Please let us know if we can help with your new endeavors. 

 Best of luck in all your projects. 


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